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Marita L. Kinney, BCC

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Quotes This book is so awesome and I thought it would give it's self away at the beginning but I was on my toes the whole time! I would recommend this book to everyone!! I absolutely mean it. This is a must read for people in the church and people all over the world. Don't take my word for it read it for yourself and see what you think. Can't wait for the next one!!!!! Quotes
The Snow's Meltdown

Quotes One part of your book that really spoke to me was your chapter on forgiveness. Even now as a freshman in college I knew what I needed to do, but I just didn?t want to. It was something that I thought I could avoid and still do the will of God. I knew I was wrong and your chapter on that definitely helped me realize that forgiveness and being forgiven is a major step to truly becoming free and reconstructing my life. Since I?ve started the forgiveness process it also helped me to soften my heart like you stated in your book as well. I want to thank you so much for coming to OU, and for the words you wrote in your book. You are a testimony that we go through certain situations so that we can minister to those who are going through the things we have been through. Quotes Quotes
Dominique Francisco

Quotes "Hi Ms. Kinney I am very inspired and motivated by your work and strength. You have transformed the lives of women who were at their breaking point, loss and discontent, and did not know their worth. Allowing God to use you in this way is very inspirational. I am very honored and pleased in your work. Thank You so much and continue to do God's will." Isha R. Amite,LA Quotes Quotes
Isha R.

Quotes Let me tell ya, i read your book and it was wonderful!" Andrea Morrow Quotes Quotes
Andrea Morrow

Quotes "First, i would like to say that I love Marita dearly and she has always been a blessing in my life. I have been influenced greatly by her ability to make it through all of her trials/tribulations and not once have I ever heard her question God. She is a remarkable, and resilient women. just through her strength alone, she has shown me that anything you set out to do can be accomplished if you have uncompromising faith." Alida Lucus, Richmond Virginia Quotes Quotes

Quotes She's an amazing woman and all the she has been through, she is still strong and a great role model" Quotes Quotes
Tajzhe' Irby

Quotes found this book to be very interesting....they author is bold to share so much about herself. I would love to have her strength. "Marita has influenced me in many ways, one being growing spiritually....I really look up to her" Quotes Quotes
Ebony Carter

Quotes This book was really eye opening and inspiring. Marita has over come a lot of obstacles in her life, and to read where she has been in her life and where she is now really gives you chills and make you think. But she got through mainly because of her faith, this let you know that if you "Let go and let God" anything is possible. Marita you are a real big inspiration. Quotes Quotes

Quotes The Unspoken Walk takes everyone on a journey and reminds you of some of the mistakes we have made throughout life. Mrs. Marita shows how faith in Christ gets you through lifes obstacles when you thought there was no other way. I found her walk to enlightening and inspirational. She truly has a story that everyone can relate to. Great book for teenagers trying to find their way. Quotes Quotes

Quotes I ordered your book and just finished it. It was an amazing story and I couldn't put it down. I want to thank you for sharing your journey with me and it is something that I will reread over and over. I have recently started going back to church and it was just what I needed. You inspire me to keep walking with Christ and you are proof of how great he is! You are an amazing woman Marita and a true believer. All things are possible through Christ. Thanks again for the inspiration! I hope you and the kids are well. Keep writing you have a real talent! Yvette Brown Mullikin Xenia, Ohio Quotes Quotes
Yvette Brown Mullikin