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 Marita L. Kinney, BCC 

Marita L. Kinney, BCC

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As a Christian writer called by God, I have an obligation to present God's word through my work. I simply cannot write what sells, but must write what God has placed on my heart. I encourage you to read through my site to learn more about God and how Christ Jesus has changed my life. I'm a wife, mother, and writer (in that order) and I minister through those areas of my life. I pray that you are blessed by one of my books, podcast, eCourses, or Life Coaching. Life can be hard but we can encourage and inspired each other. I challenge you to Stop Coping and Start Living. Living takes a lot of courage and today I encourage you to have the Courage2Live. Jeremiah 30:2


Snow Series: The Snow's Meltdown, Don't Rescue Me, Seed Of Discord

What happens when everything around you seems perfect - your family, your health, your social status, your overall life - but all of a sudden something threatens to tear it all apart and rob you of what you've always known? This type of thing happens to many people, every day, from all walks of life. Some are able to get over it and go on with their lives. But others are not so fortunate. They find themselves stuck in their own meltdown of loss, hurt, and pain.

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Savannah is a sophisticated single mother who has had her share of growing pains. From rags to riches, back to rags, Savannah is determined to change her circumstance through her faith and perseverance. As she struggles to keep her head above water, her new vindictive neighbors, try her patience and her faith. She desperately desires for God to rescue her from her new life of struggle.


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Have you been looking for a book that will wow you and give you true inspiration? Stop looking, you’ve just found it. The author will take you on a journey of spiritual transparency. She will show you how having a relationship with God allowed her to overcome adversity with triumph through faith and perseverance. Though her down-to-earth spiritual experiences will have you at the end of your seat. You will be able to see how God has moved in troublesome situations. This book is a must read.

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Ch. 21 Trust in God
Hillary Hawkins (Don't Rescue Me, God's Molding Me)

The Snow family continues to push through their issues, until Pastor Snow takes a special interest in a prostitute named Candy. His wife, Lady Snow is dying of cancer and that doesn't seem to make him cut ties with Candy, although his reputation is on the line. Will the family have another meltdown or will they persevere? A Christian Fiction Novella that offers a real experience of healing, deliverance, and forgiveness.

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Sasha is a single mother and youngest of three sisters. Drama follows her everywhere and her sisters, Stacey and Randi are fed up with her temper and untamed tongue. Their relationship with Sasha seems toxic due to her unbearable irresponsible lifestyle. She faces many trials and reacts harshly, failing to consider the consequences of her actions. Using her beauty to get herself out of trouble was typical, until finally she had a wake up call after killing two people. Buy Now: eBook  Paperback
Grace could get any man she wanted physically, but obtaining love seemed to be impossible for her. Although she appeared to be very strong, independent, and very charming, she was empty on the inside. Grace had a great career and achieved many accomplishments. However, when it came to her love life, she felt like a complete failure. eBook  Paperback


Why are you still single? Is a question that ponders the hearts of many single women today. Former Widow Reveals How She Went From Being Once Divorced, Widowed, and A SINGLE PARENT of Three Children, To Marrying the Man of Her Dreams! And How YOU Can Do The Same. Secrets are being exposed and love is being found. The techniques shared in this book will surely increase your chances of finding your Mr. Right or should I say him finding you.   eBook

Discover the Ultimate Healing from the Unseen Wounds Left From Abortion and the Grieving Mothers that Survived. Yes! Women who have abortions are still mothers. An abortion leaves thousands of women with a empty space in their hearts. Guilt can become unbearable, but there is hope and forgiveness. This book will provide helpful tools for finding the peace of mind that you need.   

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This will probably be the shortest, yet most powerful book that you'll come across to improve your relationship. As a wife and mother of six, I know the "I'm Tired" line all too well. Well that's until I started to look at my marriage in a different light. This book will offer you a different perspective to have you actually looking forward to being desired by your spouse. "1 Corinthians 7:3-5 "3 The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. "

Discover everything you need to know about moving on with your life after the death of your husband. While many people think that this signifies the end of the world, sooner or later, you will understand that it is a new beginning.

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Life can be hard and the baggage that it behind can weigh you down. No one can take your baggage away, although you may have tried to get rid of it. So now what? You're stuck with your past, your hurt, and your pain. You must learn to live with all of your baggage, or do you? Who will hold your bags when they get too heavy to carry? If you're struggling with baggage, than I wrote this helpful guide for you.

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Life can be overwhelming at times and staying encouraged can be difficult. When you reach that point in life where you find yourself feeling discouraged and nothing seems to help, encouraging yourself is crucial. This book is a collection of encouragement quotes all from me, which I have shared with my clients over the years to keep them encouraged during difficult times. I have used these same words of encouragement for myself and have personally witnessed the effects of learning how to keep myself encouraged.