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Board Certified Life Coach
 Marita L. Kinney, BCC 

Marita L. Kinney, BCC

  Board Certified Coach     

Life Coaching

Life Coaching
 Specializing in Helping Women Reach Their Greatest Potential! 

Have you been feeling overwhelmed?
  • Ready to make some changes in your life?
  • Desiring a more purposeful life?
  • Ready to explore your natural gifts and talents?
  • Need help embracing the new season in your life?
  • Life can be very difficult, but it can also very fulfilling and enjoyable.  I know all about life's pain and how to overcome it.  Don't let one sour moment in life, determine what type of future you'll have.  You can enjoy the life that God gave you, and I'm here to help you along the way. What if I told you that you can have a new life in less than 30 days? If you want it, it can happen. Learn to love your life today. 
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Be you, be the very best you that you can be, its the best gift you can give yourself. -unknown

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Life Coaching



Are you looking for a Christian Life Coach?

My passion is to walk you through the necessary steps to achieve the greatness with you.  Feeling defeated by life and existing instead of living with purpose, is living beneath your privilege as a believer in Christ. You have the ability to change your life and what you want out of it.  After being coached, you'll be encourged~inspired~focused~motivated~excited

 Are you ready for a new and improved you?

If this sounds like you, I'd love to personally work with you in creating the "Best You."


 Frequently Asked Questions


Q. So what are the benefits of coaching?

A. Well that simply depends on you, what would your life look like if you don't make the desired changes?

Q. How and where is coaching facilitated?

A. Although coaching can be done face to face, most coaching takes place over the telephone. I have found that this method provides a safe and open atmosphere, allowing clients to share the thoughts/topics that that would shy away from in person.  Tele-coaching also gives you the convenience to be coach from whatever desired location you choose.  You can be at the office, comfort of your own home, or even enjoy fresh air at a local park, you choose!

Q. What can I expect from coaching?

A. You can expect freedom in living.  That means that you will discover the best life that was designed for you.  You're uniqueness allows you to desire certain things to feel complete in life. Together, we will discover those very things, and implement them into your life.  

Q. How long does it take?

A. Coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes, and are typically held once a week.  The sessions are range from several weeks to 3 or more months.  It really depends on how long you take to complete the process and the effort you put into the changed life you desire to have.  Others may choose to continue coaching for years as they continue to set new goals for themselves.

Q. How much does coaching cost?

A. I'd first ask you to not consider it a cost, but as an investment. An investment is a lot different than a cost, as its improving the most important things you have.....YOUR LIFE!  My coaching fees are reasonable and are tailored to meet specific clients needs as we determine the amount of sessions that are needed.  My fees also include unlimited email support for clients in between sessions. Your coaching schedule is what's comfortable for you. You may choose to meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or in some cases of clients wanting additional support quarterly. 

Q. When can I start?

A. Congratulations on making the first step towards your new life. Lets get started now! Before you make a commitment, lets schedule your FREE consultation.

   Client Speaks Out About the Benefits of Having a

 Life Coach  


"Life coaching is something that quite honestly has always been of part of who Marita is; now she just have the title and certification.
She has ALWAYS been the person for me to contact when looking for her to be my "reflection", if you will.  When needing to bounce an issue off of her while maybe not so much looking for an answer yet confirmation simply by her restating to me or asking questions that explore what I'd mentioned.  Therefore, her being the "reflection in the mirror". 
I have always left the sessions with a sense of "hmmmm...I didn't think about that" or "wow-I guess that really is the truth of the matter".  Yet, always with a sense of confidence because indeed I could trust what she was saying as it was unbiased but also she allowed me to sort of explore the sense behind it all on my own with her guidance.  Marita has always employed an approach of active listening to allow you to respond appropriately. 
Even in our most recent session which started by her simply asking questions with the goal in mind of finishing her certification ended up quite honestly being a blessing and an eye opener to me.  And yet again as usual she helped me in tapping into an area of my existence that was there but I didn't realize that it remainded undeveloped.  Now each day I write in my journal as well as I make a concious effort to celebrate ME and make note of my daily accomplishments both large and small.  Prior to this I just looked at everything I did from continuing my education, relocating, starting a company and etc as "business as usual"; things that were necessary for my fututre and current survival.  They weren't anything big to talk about and nothing to celebrate.  Yet it was Marita that said "So you're overcompensating for your mistake-when will it ever be enough"  That statement has released so much bondage already and now I can let myself "off the hook" and forgive myself.
I look forward to her being a continued blessing to not just myself but the masses!!!!!!!  Muah"

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