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Board Certified Life Coach
 Marita L. Kinney, BCC 

Marita L. Kinney, BCC

  Board Certified Coach     

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Accessing your authentic message and writing your transformational book is one of the most powerful things you will ever do for yourself, your readers, your business and ultimately – the world!

You feel the call in your heart. You have a message to share. You’ve been on an incredible journey and know you can help others break through the same things you have. You’re ready to release whatever’s been holding you back (fear, doubt, confusion, procrastination, etc.) and finally birth your most powerful and authentic message on the pages of a book.

You sense NOW is the time to take this step to unveil your “next chapter” and get your book out of your head/heart and onto the page.

If only you had a trusted guide who appreciates and celebrates YOUR unique soul’s journey. Someone who knows when to give you space and when to hold your feet to the fire; understands the ins and outs of transformational authorship; and can show you step-by-step how to access your true, authentic message, overcome fears, put words on the page and become a published author. Ask and you shall receive. I am that guide.

We might be the perfect match for each other if:

    1. you’re done hiding whom you really are, or doing what you think you “should” – and you want to let the true YOU shine
    2. you’ve felt your book brewing inside of you for months (or years) and you want to bring it to life now
    3. you’d love to have a passionate, down-to-earth, experienced coach and publisher on your side to guide you through the ups and downs of writing
    4. you know that writing a book can change everything in your life and business… and you’re excited to “go for it” (and maybe a little scared, too… that’s OK!)
    5. you trust that everything happens for a reason and you feel in your gut reading this right now is not merely a coincidence.

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Marita Kinney, an Amazon Best-Selling Author and Publisher.  I have inspired thousands of people to overcome adversity with triumph through faith and perseverance. While facing several life changing challenges myself, I had enough faith to conquer tribulations, coming out victorious. I am best known for my Christian Fiction novellas and heart felt inspirational books.  Through my success in the literary industry, I now train, coach, and publish other amazing people who have a transformational message to share. I’m a firm believer that no one can share your message better than you.

I started working with authors because I saw a need and wanted to help. I continually spoke with aspiring authors who dreamed of sharing their true message and powerful stories on the pages of a book… but never actually did; because they didn’t know how to get started, or what it really took to write a great book.

I had the same frustration before my first book came out in 2008. I know what it’s like to feel that message burning inside – and not have the guidance or help necessary to see it published.

Now, after writing 23 books (seven of which are best-sellers), training more than 5,000 authors and personally guiding several hundred of them to become published, I’ve seen first-hand the transformation that happens for someone through the process of writing a book. It feels like a miracle every time I witness a client stepping into their greatness, sharing their authentic gifts, creating new programs and services, and impacting more lives as a published author.I often hear the clarity, confidence and courage that writing a book brings is unmatched by any other experience or training. It’s a game-changer on every imaginable level.

I am the founder of Pure Thoughts Publishing and I’m interest in speaking with you regarding your book. Yes, we all have a book inside of us, at least one. Your prayers have been answered; I am here to help you.

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